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Black Klippe T Kit

Black Klippe T Kit

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This stylish Grey Klippe T Kit features a classic 60% ANSI layout, a CNC milled aircraft-grade aluminium case, and a hot-swap PCB designed by The case weighs in at 1kg. Extras include brass plate, Mekanisk x Durock v2 Ultramarine Screw in Stabilisers, Case Foam, pre-installed viewfinder bump-ons and high-quality packaging, plus mounting hardware.

  • 60% ansi layouts
  • Case weighs in at 1 kg
  • Poker / Tray mount compatibility
  • M2x5mm Screw size
  • CNC Milled Aircraft-grade aluminium
  • Black Anodised finish
  • Brass plate
  • Hot swap PCB designed by
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • pre-installed viewfinder bump-ons
  • High-quality packaging
  • Durock V2 x Mekanisk Ultramarine Stabilizers
  • Case Foam

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